• Is this an emergency without WFP presence? No. Yes.
  • Launch a IR-LEO (if less than $1.5 m and without service provision. Launch a LEO (initial duration of up to 6 months) OR Launch a Multi-Country LEO for immediate response led by the RB DoA for initial LEO / M-LEO: Up to $50m= ED Over $50m= ED & FAO DG Note: a LEO can be extended for 6 months, followed by an ICSP for up to 18 months approved by the ED. Template & guidance here..
  • Does the CSP/LEO have a crisis response Strategic Outcome (SO)? No. Yes.
  • Does the response require an introduction of a new activity in the SO? No. Yes.
  • Add a new activity through a CSP revision. Reflect changes in LoS/LogFrame, COMET & BPT* See guidance here..
  • Can the response fit within the current NBP budget? No. Yes.
  • Implement directly..
  • Increase budget for an existing activity by filling the CSP revision template. Reflect changes in LogFrame, COMET & BPT*.
  • Is this a sudden onset emergency? No. Yes.
  • Revise the CSP by adding a crisis response SO and activity through the CSP revision template. Reflect changes in LoS/Logframe, COMET& BPT* Guidance can be found here..
  • Preparedness review- conduct a BR to incorporate crisis response pillar (i.e. introduce a new SO or act to preposition for future interventions) Guidance can be found here..

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