• What system is being affected? Windows. Symphony (Bookmyne, Enterprise, Workflows). Database or eResource.
  • Cry out to the heavens!.
  • Is this about Bookmyne, Enterprise, or Workflows? Workflows. Enterprise. Bookmyne.
  • Call IT Helpdesk..
  • Call IT Helpdesk..
  • Can you login? No. Yes.
  • Looks good to me!.
  • Call LIT to reset your PIN..
  • Staff, Internet Terminal, or Customers? Staff. Customer. Internet Terminal.
  • Call IT Helpdesk.
  • Too bad. So sad..
  • Does it power on? No. Yes.
  • Hardware Failure. Call IT Helpdesk.
  • Does it boot up into MyPC? No. Yes.
  • Software Failure. Call IT Helpdesk.
  • can customers or staff login? No. Yes.
  • Looks good to me!.
  • Are people having trouble signing into some eResources or the catalogue? Sometimes. No. Yes.
  • SIP2 is down. Call IT Helpdesk.
  • MyPC is acting funny. Call LIT..
  • myPC Server is down. Call IT Helpdesk.

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