Which statistical test should I choose?

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This decision tree will help you to choose the right statistical test for your hypothesis

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  • How many data samples do I have? One data sample. Two data sets.
  • What hypothesis do I test? Variance hypothesis. Median hypothesis. Distribution type hypothesis. Mean value hypothesis.
  • Sign test.
  • Has the population normal distribution? Yes.
  • Do I know variance of the population? No. Yes.
  • z-test.
  • t-test.
  • Has the population normal distribution? Yes.
  • F-test.
  • Continuous distribution? No. Yes.
  • Chi-squared test.
  • Do I know values of distribution parameters? Yes. No.
  • Kolmogorov test.
  • Normal or uniform distribution? No. Yes.
  • Lillieforst test.
  • Chi-squared test.
  • What hypothesis do I test? Equal distributions. Variance of the populations. Mean values of the populations. Independence of values.
  • Two sample Kolmogorov test.
  • Contingency table test.
  • Do I have paired observations? No. Yes.
  • Paired two sample t-test.
  • Do the populations have equal variances? No. Yes.
  • Two sample t-test with equal variances.
  • Welch's t-test.
  • Normal distribution? Yes.
  • Paired F-test.

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