Will it fit?

Last updated 4 years ago First published 08 March, 2017

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  • Is your vehicle 4-Doors. Yes. No.
  • Sorry, our product is not for you.
  • Can this hook fit on the lip of your hood without popping it? No. I don't know. Yes.
  • We have had customers find alternative anchor points but we cannot recommend it..
  • Email info@carhammock and we will help you figure it out..
  • Do your front seats recline all the way down? Yes. No.
  • Your backside may hit them when the hammock is in use..
  • What kind of Vehicle do you drive? SUVs and Hatchbacks. Sedan.
  • Order the base model and you should be good to go!.
  • How big is the rear of the vehicle? Compact. Small/Medium Size. Big - Tahoe, Yukon, Expedition.
  • We do not have a product this size yet. .
  • If the rear of the vehicle is on the larger side, you will need to order an extension strap. The smaller SUVs can get away with just the base model Car Hammock..
  • Order the base model and you should be good to go!.

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