Tasman District Council Unitary Local Government Authority
  • Does this request relate to something that you're supposed to have already, or is it a new thing? I should have this already, but it's missing/broken.. This is a new thing I'm after.
  • Send us an email at help.desk@tasman.govt.nz. Please include your PC or laptop number (ie PC-RICH-1234) and details of what you need..
  • What sort of new thing? A new system or solution, or development changes to an existing system. New permissions; new hardware; installation or configuration of current software; a report or information.. A new map. A new user, or a staff member changing roles.
  • Please complete a Network Access Request..
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  • Please complete a Request for Change.
  • Is this a minor change to an existing system, that only affects your department, and won't cost anything except IS staff time? No, it's a bit more than that. Yup, all of the above.
  • Please complete a Request for Change - but maybe first talk to someone in IT to assess what will be involved and how achievable this request is..
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