• Move IN/OUT. IN. OUT.
  • Is there an occupier account? Yes. No.
  • Does the customer Tenancy start date/sale purchase match the occupier start date? No. Yes.
  • Move in the customer.
  • Ask for proof of tenancy or proof of purchase..
  • Is there an active Customer Account. No. Yes.
  • Seek assistance from Homemover SME or Lead CSA.
  • Who does the account belong to? New Customer. Ocd Customer .
  • The new customer needs to provide us with the following, to - Copy of full pages showing the following, tenants names, property address, tenancy start date (term) and signatures.
  • Pass DPA with the customer, update the DPA detail on the account & advise the customer of their account .
  • Is there warrant/dunning on the account? Yes. No.
  • Transfer to Payments to discuss the account..
  • Complete the move out.. Right Click the Agreement address..
  • Complete move out .

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