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  • Where would you like to start your compost journey? I'm not sure where to begin, or even if composting is right for me.. I compost at home, but want to up my composting game.. I'm looking for community-scale composting solutions..
  • Great news! We offer free, open source design plans and an operations manual for our innovative, community-scale in-vessel composter. See the resources section of for plans and operating manual..
  • What kind of space do you have for composting? Backyard or large property. Small outdoor space, such as a porch or patio.. No outdoor space at all (or I rent and can't have compost outdoors).
  • Try using a tumbler or two-bucket system..
  • Check out VERMICOMPOSTING - also known as a worm bin composter!.
  • When it comes to composting, what is most important to you? Cost: I want to compost without breaking the bank!. Ease: I don't want to build anything, or spend a lot of time tending my compost.. Speed: I need my table scraps to be rich garden soil yesterday!.
  • Build your own composting system by nailing four pallets together or by creating a compost pile that you cover with a tarp and cinder blocks. You can also find easy hay bale composter designs online..
  • Buy a drum composter, tumbler, or a three bin system from your local hardware or home improvement store. These are also readily available online. .
  • You can achieve a fast result with nearly all compost systems. It is a function of the temperatures, composition of your compost, and maintenance! A well managed compost pile that is the right size, right moisture, and frequently turned, you should have a pretty fast result! .
  • What's your biggest compost problem? Nothing seems to be breaking down - help!. Animals keep raiding my veggie scraps.. Other.
  • Use a covered pile. You can put a tarp over your compost pile and weigh down the edges with cinder blocks. You might also try a tumbler or drum composter so that your compost is enclosed and safe from animals. If you have a lot of fruit in your compost, try separating the fruit and burying it so that it will not attract bears and other animals. .
  • Email us at with your specific questions. .
  • Is it cold where you are? Yes. No.
  • If you live in a cold place, it is not uncommon for outdoor compost to be stalled until warm summer weather returns. The microbes that break down compost are dormant during the cold months..
  • Is your compost smelly? Yes. No.
  • Add more carbon such as straw or dry leaves to balance your mix..
  • Is your compost wet or dry? Wet. Dry. Neither.
  • Dense or water-logged compost piles don't contain enough oxygen for the microorganisms to survive. Often these piles give off an unpleasant odor. The solution is to aerate the pile and add more dry materials..
  • Try to keep your compost materials moist to the touch by adding water as needed. Cover the pile to retain moisture and keep animals out. .
  • Please email and we will try to assist you with your specific compost problem. .

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